Thursday, July 14, 2005

Ohio Blogger Indicted & Jailed over Postings; Taft & Coingate; Emminent Domain, Texas Style


In a shocking move this week, the editor of Erie Voices, a blog permanently linked to by JP, has been indicted and jailed b/c of postings on his ie Voicesblog along with disbarred Oak Harbor, Ohio attorney Elsabeth Baumgartner. It is no small wonder that Erie Voice's is regularly critical of the prosecutor who indicted its editor. Scary, scary, scary.


Q: "Mr. Taft, a Republican scandal has rocked Ohio, you're approval rating is hovering at 15% and the public has questions. What do you have to say?"

A: (As The Gov awkwardly adjusts his Coke Bottle glasses) "Ummm....ahhhh.....nothing. Yeah, nothing."


The Toledo Blade was victorious in the Ohio Supreme Court yesterday in its efforts to open up the BWC's books to investigate coingate.

The TX legislature responds to the SCOTUS by putting major limitations on using emminent domain to seize private housing. Oh, but they made sure they covered Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones.


Blogger Abe opined...

Dude, what's the story with that Erie Voices thing? I skimmed through the blog and they make Sandusky sound like banana republic. true?

8:51 AM  
Blogger ram opined...

the guy has some points, but he is an extremist.

8:54 AM  

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